Currency for our digital future. SANDO is digital global money.

It's the currency based on Ethereum (ERC-20).


Add Sando Token in your


1. Download “METAMASK WALLET” from App Store (IOS) / Google Play Store (Android)

2. Add Sando Token in your METAMASK


Symbol : SANDO
Decimal : 18
Token Standard : ERC-20
Address :
howto mobile

Where to buy SANDO?

You can buy SANDO Token from our website directly.

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What's unique about SANDO?


There are many cryptocurrencies and lots of other tokens on the market, but SANDO has some unique capabilities. The uses for SANDO are growing every day.

  • Stream SANDO – pay someone or receive funds in real time
  • Staking SANDO - You can earn interest on your SANDO tokens by staking them on our website.
  • SANDO Token is a type of cryptocurrency that functions as both an exchange and utility token based on the ERC-20 Standard. It is also a scarce digital currency that can be used on platforms such as : Oceansky, Sandora, and Metasando.

    It's really yours

    SANDO lets you be your own bank. You can control your own funds with your wallet as proof of ownership – no third parties necessary.

    Secured by cryptography

    Internet money may be new but it's secured by proven cryptography. This protects your wallet, your SANDO, and your transactions.

    Peer-to-peer payments

    With SANDO, you can make peer-to-peer payments without relying on a bank or other intermediary. It's like handing cash to someone in person, but you can do it securely with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

    No centralized control

    SANDO is decentralized and global. There's no company or bank that can decide to print more SANDO, or change the terms of use.

    Open to anyone

    SANDO is open to anyone with an internet connection and a wallet. You don't need a bank account to accept payments.

    Available in flexible amounts

    You can buy SANDO min $50 at a time

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