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Gas Fees Token

Before you purchase SANDO, please understand gas fees

If you plan to swap or transfer your SANDO, make sure to purchase enough Ethereum tokens to cover gas fees in addition to the cost of purchasing SANDO tokens.
(MetaMask does not profit from gas fees.)

What are gas fees?

Gas powers transactions on the Ethereum network.
(MetaMask does not profit from gas fees.)

What is a Gwei?

Gwei is a term in the cryptocurrency community for a very small amount of Ethereum currency and is used to pay fees on transactions on the Ethereum network. The Ethereum token is called Ether and is denoted by ETH. One Gwei is the same as 0.000000001 ETH. For example, a transaction of 0.000000020 ETH is equal to 20 Gwei.

How Gwei Works?

Gwei is most commonly used when discussing Ethereum gas. You can choose to pay a higher Gwei for a faster transaction or less Gwei for a slower transaction.

How much do I need?

Gas fees fluctuate based on network traffic and the type of transaction being performed. For example, a complex transaction like "swapping" may cost 5-10 times more than a simple "send" transaction. An estimate of gas fees is provided when making a transaction.